Knitting Accessories

We stock a wide range of knitting accessories for both the beginner and experienced knitter. If you don’t see what you need below then please contact us with your requirements.

Steel and Bamboo Knitting Needles

Straight knitting needles in steel or bamboo:

Steel Needles – pairs, sizes 2.75mm up to 20mm
Bamboo Needles – pairs, sizes 2.75mm up to 20mm

Circular Knitting Needles

With circular needles you can create tubes of knitting for sleeves, hats, etc.

Some knitters also use circular needles for flat knitting because of the way that they distribute the weight of work in the lap instead of at the ends of straight needles. The length of circular needles you will need depends on the number of stiches required and the gauge that you are knitting.

If you are knitting a small tube you will need to switch to double pointed needles.

Circular Needles – 2.75mm up to 20mm

Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Double pointed needles help you knit smaller tubes like socks, sleeve cuffs or the top of hats.

Double Pointed Needles – 1.5mm up to 4.5mm

Other Needles

  • Cable Needles – up to 7.5mm
  • Crochet Hooks – 0.75mm up to 15mm
  • Stitch Holders – Large & Small

Useful Knitting Accessories

  • Knitting Registers – 2mm up to 7.5mm
  • Pom Pom Makers
  • Stitch Markers
  • Wool Bobbins
  • Wool Needles
  • Knitters Gauge
  • Selection of Knitting Bags and Sewing Boxes
  • Knitting Pattern Folders – Holds up to 90 patterns
  • Carded and Loose Buttons
  • Open Ended Zips – 10″ up to 26″
  • Toilet Roll Dollies
  • 7″ Knitting Needle Cases and Wool Holders
  • Small Tapestry Sets